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Aegirine, 0 - 63 [11140]

Aegirine, 0 - 63   [11140]

Aegirine, 0 - 63 [11140]



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dark green earth with a needle-like structure

CI: PG 23

Chemical Formula: NaFeSi2O6
Chemical description: Silicate, contains iron

Suitability: Oil, Acrylics, Tempera, Watercolor / Gouache, Lime / Fresco, Cement, Ceramic, Silicate binder, Waterglas, Retouching, Tadelakt

11140 Aegirine

Aegirine is an iron containing silicate which forms elongated crystals. The particles are dark green and very hard.

We offer aegirine in a 63 grind, which still exhibits its needle-like structure.

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